Accurate AT-01 TWS Review: A Refined HX-03

Accurate AT01 TWS Review

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When I first bought my fingers on Correct TWS HX-03, I used to be impressed by the aspects it equipped for its designate. I in actuality had been using it for round six months. The HX-03 has now been succeeded by Correct AT-01. I purchased my fingers on my unique TWS as smartly. In this review, I will be sharing my abilities of the Correct AT-01 TWS. First, obtain a watch on the specifications of Correct AT-01.

Correct AT-01 TWS Specifications:

  • Earphone Speaker Dimension: 13mm, 32 Ohm
  • Connectivity: Wi-fi (Bluetooth 5.0)
  • Tune Time: 4.5 hours
  • Focus on Time: 5 hours
  • Response Frequency: 20Hz – 18.5kHz
  • Sound to Noise Ratio: 70db
  • Battery skill: 40mAh (Every Earbud); 400mAh (Energy case)
  • Energy Case Dimension: 51x 23.8 x 53mm
  • Energy Case Charger: Variety-C (5V, 1A)
  • Coloration: White, Gloomy, Red
  • Label in Nepal: Rs. 3,499
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Correct AT-01 TWS Overview:

Produce and Construct: Energy Case

  • Compact, smartly-rounded corners
  • LED indicators on the front

Accurate AT01 TWS Power Case Design

Let’s talk in regards to the achieve of the charging case. The charging case of the Correct AT-01 is extra compact and contemporary. The HX-03 came with an rectangular box and rounded corners. Correct has rounded the corners grand extra within the AT-01. I kinda dig the unique achieve of the charging case. It is smaller, therefore extra portable, and sports a curvy achieve. The bottom is rather a lot extra restful. For this reason, it is extra inclined to fingerprint and smudges.

On the front, there are three LEDs that prove the battery level. On the opposite hand, the metal squawk housing the LEDs has been tremendously streamlined. Correct has also gotten rid of the button on the front. The USB Variety-C port is now within the lend a hand of the case. The “Correct” designate has been stamped on the head of the case. Here, the hinge stays the an analogous and it is no longer the sturdiest. The lid is restful gap from the internal however it feels extra overjoyed to delivery and shut. Overall, the case feels extra premium on account of the compact size.

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  • AirPods-cherish stemmy achieve

Accurate AT01 TWS earbuds

Internal, the achieve of the earphones has remained the an analogous. You pick up an Apple AirPods-cherish head and tapering triangular stem. On the opposite hand, I feel that the unit that I got used to be no longer assign up smartly. There had been left-over materials sticking to the roof of the lid and on the stem of 1 of the earbuds. A more in-depth watch on the earbuds will come up with an conception of how the earbuds had been assign up collectively. From my abilities of the HX-03, you might want to well must withhold cleansing them or else mud will pile up lovely quickly within the gaps.

Pairing and Withhold an eye fixed on

  • Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity
  • Contact protect watch over for playback only

Nothing has been upgraded within the vogue the AT-01 TWS will probably be paired and managed. After being taken out, the earphones ruin a *bangsound indicating that they’re ready to be paired. If the sound is no longer synchronized, you might want to well well presumably reset the earphones by touching the protect watch over for roughly 10 seconds.

The touch protect watch over permits users to alternate play/stay and alternate the tracks. Sadly, users will must obtain out their cellular phone to regulate the amount. The earphone makes use of Bluetooth 5.0 to connect your cellular phone. It’s stressful that the connection will probably be interrupted by high-frequency devices such as a Wi-Fi router.

Feel and Comfort

  • No rubber/silicone ear suggestions
  • Lightweight and a relatively loose match

Accurate AT01 TWS Fit

The HX-03 did no longer present the finest match that you might want to well well presumably think for the ears and it’s the an analogous here. I needed these earbuds came with silicone suggestions as an different of the inflexible plastic ends. The constructing of the head doesn’t allow it to plod deep into the ears nor can it veil the ear smartly. As a consequence of the loose match, you might want to well feel the earbuds shift a minute bit of from its set in case you might want to well well presumably additionally very smartly be into head bangs and these forms of stuff. Happily, it has no longer arrive off my ears even once.

It is going to additionally fair no longer be obvious within the foundation however after some months, your ears will delivery feeling the warmth of the steady ends too. Assorted than that, the earbuds are light and the load gained’t be a ache.

Sound High-quality

  • 13mm sound drivers
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 18.5kHz

When I got my review unit, I did a specs-clever comparison between the HX-03 and AT-01. I used to be no longer making an strive ahead to a range of alternate within the AT-01 given that it had practically the an analogous specs as its predecessor. The 13mm sound driver is tremendous of manufacturing loud music. On the opposite hand, you desire to withhold the earbuds kindly, or else the loudness will depart away.

Correct AT-01 now does a better job of atmosphere apart the vocals and the devices. It used to be relatively evident when paying consideration to “Stray Heart” by Inexperienced Day. Identical used to be the case when paying consideration to “Brain Stew” by the an analogous band. The vocals had been muffled however I cherished the vogue it floated on top of the music. The sound does pick up a minute bit muddy when a range of devices are being historical on the an analogous time. Hear to “Jesus of Suburbia” for an instance.

Correct restful needs to work on vocal and high pitched sounds. In practically the total songs I listened to, I learned the vocals a minute bit muffled. Within the chorus of the tune “Home”, the vocal of Bebe Rexha practically resembles a robot in some instances. High pitched sound can pick up screechy. The sound gets grainy and distorted at high volumes so I imply you expend the earphones with volumes between 50 – 60%.

Call High-quality and Latency

  • Ambient Noise Cancellation for reducing noise for the length of calls

The stereo enact on the AT-01 will probably be extra immersive than on the HX-03. AT-01 doesn’t arrive with Energetic Noise Cancellation however the Ambient Noise Cancellation does a first rate job. While it doesn’t grab the sound fully, it reduced the exterior noise to a large extent. Talking in regards to the chance quality, the person on the assorted aspect of the chance complained about some noises for the length of my time with it.

I did no longer talk about latency in aspect within the review of the HX-03. As soon as you occur to could well additionally very smartly be casually going thru random online movies potentialities are you might want to well hardly ever verify it. It is evident extra evident while looking at rap movies. Under gaming, the stereo enact will had been priceless in realizing the path of incoming enemies however I’d no longer imply it for online gaming on account of the latency. You don’t are searching for to be the final one to catch the crew message or achieve you?

Battery and Sturdiness

  • 40mAh (every earbud), 400mAh (charging case)

Correct has rated the batteries on the AT-01 for 4.5 hours of playback. Curiously, with the amount living at 50% (which I obtain is loud enough for most of us), I used to be in a set to squeeze about 5 hours of playback on a rotund rate. The charging case can rate the earbuds fully in about 65 minutes. As soon as totally drained, the charging case takes about an hour and a half of to select up totally charged. It comes with a USB Variety-C and Correct has incorporated an data cable within the box (no adapter).

Accurate AT01 TWS Type-C port

I did no longer cherish the truth that Correct removed the button on the front of the case. With out it, it is challenging to establish the battery share of the case. It is heart-broken that AT-01 doesn’t arrive with any invent of certification for protection in opposition to water and mud when opponents cherish the Redmi Earbuds S present one at a grand decrease designate. Equally, the motive force is so mushy to environmental components that in case you do no longer retailer it smartly that it will at final degrade the performance.


Correct AT-01 TWS is no longer a spoiled possibility for funds users however after the HX-03, I had big expectations from the emblem. The unique charging case is taking a watch extra compact and stylish than earlier than. Correct has also labored to refine the audio as smartly. For the value, the chance quality and ambient noise cancellation achieve a first rate job. The battery life did no longer disappoint either. Nevertheless, the firm ought to bask in equipped some invent of protection in opposition to environmental components. Correct ought to also watch into the connectivity enviornment. In the end, I’d bask in cherished earbuds with silicone ear suggestions factual because they present better match and opulent when put next with the fresh achieve.

Songs referenced within the Correct AT-01 TWS review:

  • Inexperienced Day – Stray Heart
  • Inexperienced Day – Brain Stew
  • Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha – Home
  • Inexperienced Day – Jesus of Suburbia

Correct AT-01 TWS Overview: Execs & Cons


  • The charging case is extra compact and stylish
  • Audio has been refined
  • Ambient noise cancellation is first rate for the value
  • First rate battery backup
  • Six months of designate guarantee


  • At chance of fingerprints and smudges
  • Would possibly restful bask in long gone with silicone ear suggestions
  • The connection gets unstable at instances
  • Vocals sounds muffled
  • No IP ranking
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