Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 Review: Workout Beats!

anker soundcore spirit x2 review

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By churning out some mountainous ticket for bucks earphones over the past couple of years, Anker is no longer merely connected to vitality banks and chargers. Their wireless earphones such because the Liberty Air 2, Spirit Dot 2 impressed many. And moreover they hope that Spirit X2 will apply along in the identical direction.

The Spirit-lineup is catered in opposition to fitness-centered customers. The Spirit X2 is designed to be your audio associate in your subsequent exercise session. On the opposite hand, to be that it has to tick about a containers such as battery life, comfort, and clearly the sound quality. So, let’s discover how successfully these earphones fare in our review of the Soundcore Spirit X2.

soundcore spirit x2

Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 Specs:

  • Dimension: 96 x 35 x 66 mm
  • Weight: 430g
  • Driver: 12mm composite, BassTurbo acoustic win
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth v5.0, 33 meters differ)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Audio codecs: AAC, SBC, aptX
  • Sound Impedance: 85dB
  • Sound Mode: Stereo
  • Battery Life: 9 hours, 36 hours (with charging case)
  • Battery Capacity: 545mAh
  • Calls: 2 mics with cVc 8.0 uplink noise reduction
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • IP ranking: IP68, SweatGaurd Technology
  • Energy case charger: Form-C
  • Color: Black
  • Extra Instruments: Ear-guidelines equipment, charging case, USB-C charging cable
  • Trace: NPR. 10,699 (Decide Right here)

Soundcore Spirit X2 Review


anker soundcore spirit x2 review charging case earbuds

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The market is dominated by puny, aesthetically gorgeous, most ceaselessly AirPods care for wireless earphones. So, whereas you are familiar with such earphones then the Soundcore Spirit X2 may maybe well well encounter as a fleshy and even an unpleasant instrument for you.

The Spirit X2 sports mountainous earhooks which helps to prolong the stabilization. You’ll prefer to twist the earphone around your ear to get the hooks in situation. And for the most fraction, they are barely overjoyed. Before all the pieces, that is. After utilizing it for roughly 3 and a half of hours or so, I started feeling a slight discomfort on the abet of my ear. Furthermore, they additionally left a lingering sensation for roughly 5-6 minutes after I removed them. And whereas you save on glasses then, you’ll presumably have a onerous time utilizing the Spirit X2.

spirit X2 earbuds design

Rather then the slight discomfort, on the other hand, the earphones didn’t difficulty me whereas exercising. Never as soon as did I in actuality feel the must adjust the earphones whereas cardio, jogging, or every other exercise. And that’s what you ought to demand of from an earphone catered in opposition to fitness conscious customers. You wouldn’t desire to prefer to defend adjusting the earpiece every as soon as in a whereas.

Furthermore, the IP68 ranking, a mountainous feature to have in this ticket differ, capacity that it’s miles dirt, water, and sweat resistant. So, that you just can well also jog for a future with none difficulty regarding the earpieces coming loose as a consequence of sweat.

The Spirit X2 is water-resistant in up to 2 meters. On the opposite hand, the corporate has acknowledged that these earphones are no longer designed for swimming. That’s presumably situation off the Bluetooth signal begins to get a miniature bit iffy underwater. So, what’s the purpose of sporting the earphones underwater whereas that you just can well also’t hear to music, shapely?


On every, earpiece you’ll discover the control strips. This may maybe well well grab some time to get extinct to the situation and to memorize the control alternatives that the buttons present. Fortuitously, the “long” person handbook explains all the pieces intimately.

soundcore spirit x2 controls

The buttons may maybe well well presumably also additionally be extinct to skip tracks, prolong/lower quantity, activate inform assistant, switch between authorized and EQ mode, and at closing, to honest get/reject the incoming calls.

On the shapely, the upper button helps to prolong the quantity and the lower one may maybe well well presumably also additionally be extinct to play/terminate the tracks. The left greater one may maybe well well presumably also additionally be extinct to lower the quantity and the lower one to play/terminate the tracks.

The long-press of quantity up will skip one notice, and the long press of quantity down takes you abet one notice.

In an analogous arrangement, a protracted press of the play/terminate button on both facet will allow you to activate your inform assistant. For calls, the press of the play/terminate button of the shapely earpiece will answer the name, and pressing the one on the left will decline the name.

As I said, plenty to clutch into. I point out I’ve been utilizing this earphone for over 3 weeks now and I unruffled get careworn every as soon as in a whereas.

Speaking regarding the charging case, it barely noteworthy goes along with the aesthetics of the earphones themselves. That is, it too is a fleshy component to raise around. I didn’t discover it overjoyed to raise the charging case in my pockets. A backpack is maybe the right kind situation for the case.

spirit x2 charging case and earbuds

However dimension aside, the case is barely minimalistic. It has a straightforward win with the soundcore note on the terminate, 3 LEDs in the front that trace the fee of the case. And on the abet, you’ll discover the product crucial elements and a flap that covers the charging port. Oh, there’s additionally a shrimp button shapely beside the flap, that that you just can well also use for Bluetooth re-pairing and for reset.


The very first component about these earphones that left me in terror became the connection strength. I left my mobile phone in my room on the first ground, went down shapely to the opposite terminate of the rental, taking note of music and I spotted no connectivity issue at all.

I even extinct it whereas playing PUBG and rather then the latency downside as a consequence of the acquire, there became no noticeable stir in the audio.

The connectivity strength is the courtesy of Bluetooth 5.

One minor issue here for customers stands out as the shortage of multipoint connectivity. This capacity there’s no seamless connection switch between devices. On the opposite hand, connecting to a instrument requires you to merely pair the earphones by arrangement of the Bluetooth settings. Thus, it shouldn’t be noteworthy of a difficulty for many.

I wasn’t in a position to take a look at AAC compatibility, nevertheless the instrument does strengthen AAC, aptX, and SBC codecs. So, I am distinct all the pieces works stunning with iPhones too.


The Spirit X2 would not come cheap, on the other hand, they don’t ticket as excessive because the AirPods and earbuds. So, it falls in the heart. And in point of fact, I had no idea what I became coming into into with these.

Spirit X2 in ear fit

On the opposite hand, I listened to a pair songs, and that became enough for me. Spirit X2 positively punches up.

The earphones are geared up with 12mm drivers and they ship a frequency differ of 20Hz to 20KHz. Furthermore, there are acoustic chambers in the abet of the 12mm driver for low-terminate resonance.

Most sub-NPR 10K wireless earphones lack in Bass. So, it made sense for me to are attempting bassy heavy songs on the Spirit X2. Additionally, I desired to ogle the incompatibility between the Typical mode and the Bass Up mode.

While taking note of songs care for On My Level, I discovered the authorized mode itself delivering enough deliver. The use of the Bass Up mode in those eventualities will indubitably be an overkill.

The lower frequency differ may maybe well well sound a miniature bit dull, nevertheless the reproduction of the lower-mids is merely perfect. Furthermore, you won’t face bass distortion even at excessive volumes.

Clearly, I had to are attempting out songs with a low bass differ in expose to absolutely watch the win of the Bass Up mode. While it does toughen the bass and presents steady levels, I didn’t gain it too noteworthy. That’s on memoir of it merely sounds a miniature bit too spongy for my liking. So, I’d presumably counsel you follow the Typical mode.

These earphones is no longer going to fulfill shapely audiophiles. On the opposite hand, by sticking to the authorized mode that you just can well also hear to your accepted bass-heavy tracks or a noteworthy refined notice for a gymming session, and in actuality feel the audio hit merely the shapely spots.


There’s no auto-terminate and vigorous noise cancellation. However there may maybe be cVc vigorous cancellation for mobile phone calls. Furthermore, there’s the aptX strengthen and twin-microphone system to aid you to for the length of calls. Microphones on this instrument are somewhat shapely. On the opposite hand, most of my calls had been marred by sound interference, so, I didn’t discover the instrument merely for calls. Presumably it became as a consequence of the unhappy network connectivity in my rental. So, I am no longer completely distinct about that.

There are about a compromises, nevertheless you won’t have many complaints in the case of the usual of audio or the microphones of the Spirit X2, Especially, brooding regarding the value differ.


spirit X2 charging case type-C port

One other rental where the soundcore Spirit X2 excels-in is the battery life. The corporate claims that the earphones have 9 hours of battery in them at 50% quantity, all as a consequence of the huge battery within the huge earloops. Furthermore, the charging case packs in an additional 27 hours in it. These are mountainous and shapely numbers.

I examined the earphones at a lower quantity – around 40% and became in a position to get an hour and a half of more than the claimed one. Furthermore, whereas you discover the earphones out of juice for a short exercise session, the short fee feature will will most probably be found in to hand. The short fee presents the earphones about 2 hours of playback time in merely 10 minutes. On the opposite hand, that you just can well also prefer to save in strategies the quantity. Better quantity will lead to expeditiously draining of the battery.


Yes, the Soundcore Spirit X2 has about a drawbacks. The earphones are fleshy and the audio reproduction is no longer the identical as that of the excessive-terminate TWS earphones.

On the opposite hand, it presents immense bass, the audio will please on daily basis listeners, it has a large battery life and the IP68 ranking renders this instrument to be tough. Thus, I will safely issue that, whereas you are shopping for a TWS earphone in beneath 10K then the Soundcore Spirit X2 is the actual person that that you just can well also grab into memoir.

Soundcore Spirit X2 Review: Pros & Cons


  • Earhook win mountainous whereas doing workout routines
  • Tight match
  • Sturdy acquire
  • Sizable wireless differ
  • Punchy Bass
  • Sizable battery life


  • Bulky charging  case
  • No ANC
  • Controls advanced to be conscious
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