Engineers introduce world’s first ‘non-cuttable’ steel discipline cloth

  • Researchers in the UK and Germany beget engineered a steel that they utter as the field’s first human-made “non-cuttable” discipline cloth.
  • The discipline cloth, known as Proteus, causes sharp instruments to “turn towards themselves” by increasing dust that acts like sandpaper, blunting blades.
  • The discipline cloth has a unfold of likely uses, from safety doorways to bike locks.
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Meet Proteus: the first human-made, “non-cuttable” discipline cloth.

That is how a team of researchers led by engineers at Durham University in England describes it, no longer less than. In a paper on Proteus printed Monday in the journal Scientific Reviews, they demonstrate that the discipline cloth consists of aluminum metallic foam with ceramic spheres embedded within it.

As soon as a energy instrument hits these spheres, the interplay causes excessive-frequency vibrations that tiring the blade within minutes. As a instrument penetrates the discipline cloth, the spheres liberate ravishing ceramic dust particles that act like sandpaper, blunting it additional. The particles additionally beget up the aluminum foam, making it even denser and tougher to lower. 

The larger the drive applied, in other words, the stronger the discipline cloth will get. This implies Proteus can theoretically withstand even the sharpest of instruments.

In an illustration, the researchers tried cutting into Proteus with an perspective grinder, a energy drill, and even a waterjet. Each and each instrument failed to lower bigger than simply below the bottom.

Engineers invent first 'non-cuttable' human-made material, Proteus; angle grinder attempts to cut through it.

An perspective grinder makes an strive to lower via Proteus discipline cloth.


Despite the truth that no longer but accessible commercially, Proteus may possibly offer a huge selection of likely applications, in conjunction with exercise in excessive-safety doorways, elbow pads, and bike locks.

To this level, on the other hand, the researchers beget accurate made prototypes in two shapes and sizes: rectangular plates about 40 millimeters thick, and cylinders 60 millimeters in diameter.

In a blog post, Stefan Szyniszewski, the lead author of the unique glimpse, wrote that pure constructions like those in Abalone shells and grapefruit peels impressed his team’s invention. 

“The ocean creature keeping shell has smash toughness about 2,000 higher than the aragonite bricks it is miles fabricated from,” he wrote. “It is probably going since the blocks are interlaid with a soft polymeric discipline cloth. We were impressed by nature nonetheless needed to beget an revolutionary soar forward to pause speedy-transferring perspective grinders, energy drills, and water jet cutter.”

Grapefruit peels beget a identical structure, that can possibly offer protection to grapefruits from falls of as much as 30 ft, in accordance with the glimpse.

Seashells and grapefruit peels are additionally moderately gentle-weight —  as is Proteus. The discipline cloth is 85% less dense than steel.

The researchers thunder or no longer it is probably going to mass-attach Proteus, since its uncooked materials are overall. The team has a patent pending and hopes to work with exchange partners to bring it to market, in accordance with SciTechDaily.

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