‘Pokemon GO’ Promo Code: Here’s The Solution To The GO Fest 2020 Puzzle, Plus A Bonus Code

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Credit rating: Niantic

For the past week, Niantic has been running a puzzle, of a form. The legit Twitter myth has been tweeting out clues for a Pokémon GO promo code intended to acquire us some free candies earlier than GO Fest 2020, every person such as a bunch or letter. We genuine got the closing

So, without extra ado, here’s the code:


The completely scream is…this code doesn’t work. We perceive it’s a right code, since it yields the error message “already redeemed or belonging to one other myth”. Within the event you make consume of a random string of 13 characters, you obtain a masses of error message that says its no longer a sound code. So, with any luck, this would possibly per chance occasionally be sorted soon, but I’d counsel anticipating an hour or so and trying all over again, then rinse and repeat till desired outcomes.

Change: In actuality, it seems just like the distinctive announcement said that completely a “steal few” of us to resolve this would possibly per chance well obtain the reward. Which is insane! Fortunately, it’s doubtless you’ll possibly serene obtain this bonus code, which offers you 1 Sinnoh Stone, 10 Extremely Balls and 10 Max Potions. No longer contaminated!


For every codes, it’s doubtless you’ll possibly also want to redeem them here whenever you’re on iPhone, otherwise it’s doubtless you’ll possibly also also homicide it in-sport on Android.

Listed below are your total clues, in bid. Some accept as true with exclamation factors and some don’t, it’s exhausting to take dangle of why Niantic is extra involved about some than others.

  1. This league of GO Battle League modified into once introduced on March 27, 2020
  2. This Pokémon modified into once the first so as to be taught the switch Hydro Cannon by evolving on Community Day.
  3. This water and electric type Pokémon modified into once featured on the Safari Zone Liverpool art work.
  4. This mythical Pokémon made the needs of many trainers come valid at Pokémon GO Fest 2019!
  5. You articulate no doubt such a in Pokémon GO to entice Pokémon to a Pokéstop.
  6. You’d like a fight ranking of 2100 or better to realize this substandard in GO Battle League.
  7. This Unown homicide is such as the 24th letter of the English Alphabet.
  8. You would possibly per chance be in a situation to scream this many Pokémon in your celebration to a Raid in Pokémon GO.
  9. This team recently invaded Pokémon GO by balloon!
  10. This Pokémon modified into once featured in Restricted Analysis in February of 2019.
  11. Pokémon GO is that this many years aged!
  12. Within the event you total analysis tasks for this many days in a row, you liberate a Analysis Leap forward!
  13. This Pokémon modified into once featured for Community Day in April 2020

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