Truth take a look at: Trump falsely suggests children don’t transmit coronavirus and that US case surge is due in half to protests and Mexican migration

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump made one other series of inaccurate, uncertain and misleading claims at a Wednesday coronavirus briefing in which he persisted to paint an extraordinarily rosy list of how the pandemic is affecting america.

Despite the gripping uptick in conditions he acknowledged and a US demise toll that now exceeds 142,000, Trump declared that “it be all going to figure out. And it is determining.”
He suggested children enact no longer transmit the coronavirus, though early evidence suggests children can and enact. He attributed the fresh upward thrust in conditions in half to racial justice protests, though early evidence suggests the protests did not trigger a spike, and in half to migration from Mexico, though there isn’t any evidence for this both.
Trump moreover claimed that he has done more for Shaded American citizens than anybody else with the “doubtless exception” of President Abraham Lincoln. That is transparently ridiculous.
Right here’s a behold at a pair of of Trump’s claims and the facts gradual them.

Trump suggests Mexico responsible

In assigning blame for the uptick in coronavirus conditions, Trump moreover suggested that Mexico used to be responsible, despite the truth that public smartly being officers haven’t publicly made this similar accusation.
“Likely moreover contributing had been moreover sharing a 2,000-mile border with Mexico, as we know very smartly, and conditions are surging in Mexico, unfortunately,” Trump said on Wednesday.
Referring to his proposed US-Mexico border wall, Trump added, “It used to be truly meant for a unfamiliar reason, however it completely labored out very smartly for what we’re doing glorious now and the pandemic.”
Facts First: Trump did not present any evidence to relief up his claims, and the nation’s high public smartly being officers don’t seem to be blaming Mexico for the US pandemic. Also, conditions are spiking in states that don’t piece a border with Mexico — love Florida, Louisiana and Idaho — undercutting Trump’s implication that border-crossers are bringing the disease into the US en masse. It be price noting that the virus first flared in areas such as Washington Express, Contemporary York and Contemporary Jersey, hundreds of miles far from the Mexican border.
After the briefing, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta said there isn’t any longer truly scientific evidence supporting Trump’s assertions. “I make no longer have faith there is any records particularly on Mexico,” Gupta said. “We truly regarded as much as behold if there used to be any records on that, and I did not accumulate any.”
To make obvious, Mexico does no longer possess frequent testing and faces credible accusations of below-reporting its demise toll, per chance by hundreds. But despite the truth that the outbreak is worse than the Mexican government is letting on, it pales in comparability to the American outbreak. There are on the least 3.9 million conditions in the US — a tenfold enhance over the roughly 356,000 conditions in Mexico.
With regards to deaths per capita, Mexico is worse off than america. And it be correct that a pair of of border regions possess excessive an infection charges per capita, however the hardest-hit half of Mexico is nowhere reach the US. And one verbalize that shares a protracted border with Texas is in decent form.
There is moreover a logic discipline with Trump’s comments. On one hand, he is blaming Mexico for the US spike. But he is moreover announcing that the border barriers possess successfully saved out the virus.
Trump’s comments match a increased sample of his racially insensitive statements about Mexicans and Latinos, relationship aid to the first weeks of his presidential campaign, when he said many Mexican immigrants had been “rapists” and that “astronomical infectious disease is pouring across the border.”

Young of us transmitting the virus

At some level of Wednesday’s briefing, Trump persisted to recommend for schools opening in the autumn. In toughen of this he claimed that “barely quite loads of of us” issue children “don’t transmit” coronavirus.
“They don’t opt it with out deliver, they don’t raise it house with out deliver,” Trump added. “And in the occasion that they enact opt it, they enhance snappy.”
Facts First: While children contaminated with coronavirus are less doubtless to present severe signs than adults, no longer all “enhance snappy,” love Trump claimed. Moreover, several compare imply that children can and enact transmit the virus.
Primarily based totally on one fresh search for from the Korea Centers for Illness Regulate and Prevention, children between 10 and 19 years outdated would possibly presumably well merely transmit coronavirus glorious as much as adults.
“Though the detection price for contacts of preschool-aged children used to be lower, younger children would possibly presumably well merely affirm increased assault charges when the faculty closure ends, contributing to crew transmission of Covid-19,” the search for said.
Every the Nationwide Institutes of Health and the US Centers for Illness Regulate and Prevention are moreover studying households and households to greater realize the feature children play in transmitting the virus. But as of June 30, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said, “We do not know the affect that children possess but on the transmission cycle.”
Due to this, despite the truth that children appear as if affected less in most cases or severely than adults, returning to school quiet poses obvious risks.
“Moderately few children with COVID-19 are hospitalized, and fewer children than adults abilities fever, cough, or shortness of breath,” the CDC said in an editorial for pediatric smartly being care suppliers printed in gradual May per chance perhaps perhaps moreover. Nonetheless, the article moreover smartly-known that “severe outcomes had been reported in children collectively with COVID-19 related deaths.”

Protests and the upward thrust in conditions

Trump said there had been a “amount” of causes for the fresh spike in coronavirus conditions. He cited some uncontroversial doubtless contributors, such as American citizens returning to bars and lengthening their fade.
The first trigger he listed, though, used to be the racial justice protests that swept the country following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in gradual May per chance perhaps perhaps moreover.
“Circumstances started to upward thrust amongst younger American citizens quickly after demonstrations…which presumably triggered a broader leisure of mitigation nationwide,” Trump said.
Facts First: There isn’t any rating evidence that the protests in opposition to racial injustice had been a serious contributor to the spike in conditions — though specialists warning that there is quiet loads we do not know about how the virus has unfold. A complete lot of cities with colossal and repeated demonstrations, collectively with Contemporary York City, Minneapolis and Chicago, did not see spikes in confirmed conditions in the weeks following the protests.
Why no longer? Presumably in half since the protests took verbalize exterior, the place the virus is transmitted less successfully than in indoor spaces; presumably in half on account of a serious share of protesters wore masks; and presumably on account of some non-protesters would possibly presumably well merely possess reduced their in-person interaction as they tried to e book clear of the protests.
In one early search for of the affect of protests in colossal cities around the country, a crew of economists stumbled on “no evidence that bag COVID-19 case enhance differentially rose following the onset of Shaded Lives Topic protests, and even modest evidence of a minute longer-bustle case enhance decline.” And in a Fox Files interview quickly after the briefing on Wednesday, Dr. Deborah Birx did not mention the protests as a reason for the spike, announcing that “this used to be an tournament that we have faith can even be traced to Memorial Day and opening up as of us [began] traveling again and being on vacation.”
It be moreover a stretch to put sole blame to the protests for triggering the relief of mitigation efforts. While it be doubtless that some American citizens saw the packed protests in May per chance perhaps perhaps moreover and June and made up our minds it used to be attributable to this truth rating to reach aid to frequent activities themselves, Trump himself used to be calling in May per chance perhaps perhaps moreover for states to “starting up up ASAP” and announcing issues love “our country has to bag aid.” Governors, collectively with conservative Republicans no longer especially inclined to put cues from younger activists, made decisions to quiet down legitimate restrictions — and some of them did so weeks earlier than the protests even took verbalize.

Obama and Chicago

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins smartly-known that in 2016 Trump said that it used to be President Barack Obama’s fault that homicides had been up in Chicago. She wondered Trump, “Why used to be it the President’s fault then and no longer your fault now?”
Trump claimed that Obama “used to be invited in and he did a awful job. President Obama would possibly presumably well’ve gone into Chicago. He couldn’t possess solved the discipline and he did not.”
Facts First: It is far unclear what Trump is regarding precisely about Obama being “invited in” to mitigate violence in Chicago. Trump has advocated for sending the Nationwide Guard into Chicago earlier than to succor with its gun violence, one thing Obama did not enact. Nor used to be federal legislation enforcement “invited in.” below the Obama administration. If truth be told, the Obama Justice Division had to sue the metropolis of Chicago and enter a federally enforceable court agreement to address the police department’s sample of indecent spend of power in opposition to Chicagoans.
Since his early days in administrative middle, Trump has suggested sending the Nationwide Guard to curb gun violence in Chicago. Chicago’s history with the Nationwide Guard is tumultuous, most particularly all the plan in which thru the 1968 Chicago riots and in a while the 1968 Democratic Nationwide Conference.
Obama did not send the Nationwide Guard to Chicago, however he did send one other federal entity: the Justice Division. In 2015, the Obama Justice Division launched an investigation into the Chicago Police Division’s spend of power practices and systems of accountability after the demise of stripling Laquan McDonald, who used to be fatally shot 16 times by a police officer.
In January 2017, days earlier than Trump took administrative middle, the DOJ launched a scathing represent that said, amongst assorted issues, that officers possess engaged in a sample or prepare of using power, collectively with lethal power, and offered a litany of ideas to curb police violence. The DOJ entered an “agreement in precept” with Chicago to enter a consent decree, however quickly after the represent used to be launched, Trump’s Justice Division abandoned that effort.

Chicago desires a federal presence in the metropolis

After Trump offered plans to send a “surge of federal legislation enforcement” to Chicago this week after the metropolis experienced more gun violence, he claimed that Chicago will “desire us to stir in, beefy blast.”
“I feel in their hold manner they need us to stir in, beefy blast. There will be a time when they will desire us to stir in beefy blast, however glorious now we’re sending extra of us to succor. We are challenging barely quite loads of those who had been very lifeless,” the President said.
Facts First: That is an overstatement and desires context. The mayor of Chicago, who has a touchy relationship with Trump, has cautiously welcomed federal legislation enforcement into the metropolis to succor strive in opposition to its gun violence, however smartly-known that federal agents had been no longer welcome to “terrorize our residents.”
After Trump offered this week that his administration would send legislation enforcement to Chicago to curb its gun violence discipline, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s response to federal agents in Chicago evolved. Lightfoot sent a letter to Trump on Monday urging him no longer to send federal agents to the metropolis, writing it would “spell disaster.”
But by Tuesday, Lightfoot cautiously embraced Trump’s federal legislation enforcement to succor strive in opposition to Chicago’s gun violence so long because the agents remain centered on gun violence.
“If those agents are here to truly work in partnership and toughen of gun violence and violent conditions, plugging into modern infrastructure of federal agents, no longer attempting to play police in our streets, then that is one thing assorted,” Lightfoot said at a information convention. “However the proof is going to be in the pudding. It be too soon to whisper if it is a price add or no longer.”

Trump and Shaded American citizens

Trump used to be asked on the briefing to answer to a commentary from his Democratic election opponent, outdated Vice President Joe Biden, who said earlier Wednesday that Trump used to be the first racist to bag elected president.
Biden’s commentary used to be unsuitable. No topic one’s views on Trump, who has made a series of racist comments in administrative middle, we know that 12 presidents owned slaves, and that even some who did not, such as Woodrow Wilson, held clearly racist views.
But Trump’s response to Biden’s assertion used to be moreover contaminated.
Citing protection measures love the Opportunity Zones tax-break program geared in direction of distressed communities and the criminal justice reform bill he signed, as well to the reach-anecdote-low Shaded unemployment price earlier than the pandemic, Trump said, “I’ve done issues that no one else — and I’ve said this and I issue it overtly and no longer barely quite loads of of us dispute it: I’ve done more for Shaded American citizens than any one with the doubtless exception of Abraham Lincoln. No person has even been shut.”
Facts First: While we give Trump a entire bunch latitude to issue opinions, this one is merely ridiculous despite the truth that he is most attention-grabbing comparing himself to old presidents and excluding assorted Shaded heroes. It be absurd to whisper Lincoln is a “doubtless” exception; emancipating the slaves used to be clearly more essential for Shaded American citizens than the leisure Trump has done. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Balloting Rights Act, big payments whose affect dwarfed the affect of any legislation Trump has signed.
You would possibly presumably well presumably make an argument that barely quite loads of extra presidents did more for Shaded American citizens than Trump, however we will end there. It be price noting, though, that Shaded of us themselves enact no longer, on the final, have faith Trump’s self-evaluate. Trump has had a continuously abysmal approval rating with Shaded voters — glorious 4% in a single fresh Quinnipiac College ballot, as an instance, versus 93% disapproval.

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