Vivo officially unveils its new Android skin: OriginOS

Vivo Origin OS unveiled Funtouch

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Within the hopes of offering a stock Android trip to its users, Vivo has at final unveiled its unique UI – the OriginOS. It replaces the extremely polarizing FuntouchOS that beforehand donned Vivo smartphones. OriginOS brings in a total revamp when it involves optimizations, gestures, and visuals. Vivo claims that the OriginOS will thunder in a serene and stable user trip.

Vivo OriginOS Overview

Visual Flair

The first visual overhaul would be considered on the home conceal itself. The desktop grid machine is now potentially the most successfully liked widget blueprint style. It is in step with the Klotski Grid. Now, users will seemingly be ready to arrange more than one widgets even though their sizes don’t match.

OriginOS klotski grid

Furthermore, the widgets also can additionally change their looks to be to relay the critical recordsdata. As an instance, the in-constructed climate app intuitively displays the temperature recordsdata. The temperature color card has 90 color values. Thus, you are going to be ready to leer the difference between warm and frigid temperatures.

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Furthermore, the message notification machine has also purchased an development. The nano indicators voice wise notifications in an dapper blueprint. They extract key recordsdata from the widgets after which most modern it in a style that does no longer disturb you.

Behavioral wallpapers comprise been launched by Vivo in OriginOS. Nonetheless, performance wallpaper is its reputable title. As an instance, you are going to be ready to order the sky background that mimics diverse climate outcomes. And then there’s the pleasing flower background that showcases complex motions equivalent to the swaying of every and each particular particular person petals.

Furthermore, the wallpapers also can additionally mimic the time of the day. That is, brightest at noon and darkest at night time.


For navigation, Vivo has added 26 unique navigation gestures. And they conceal the mainstream operation recommendations. It is possible you’ll per chance well per chance presumably also additionally form your comprise gesture controls for multitasking and more.

OriginOS atomic components

Another nifty addition is the atomic part library. It summarizes atomic ingredients and offers a easy technique to retrieve them. Furthermore, when icons are dragged from the navigation library into the software interface, it generates minute windows for multitasking.

Then there’s the tidy card pack. A single swipe permits you to call the pack regardless of what conceal you are on. The associated charge sorts to be displayed would be personalized within the pack. This is in a position to per chance well advance in valid at hand for mercurial and easy mobile funds.

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OriginOS for Optimized Efficiency

OriginOS brings Multi-Turbo 5.0. This helps within the core machine optimization. Multi-Turbo introduces three applied sciences – memory fusion, direction of optimization, and software preloading.

Right here, memory fusion permits the allocation of indolent ROM dwelling to originate the characteristic of RAM. This outcomes in a greater trip whereas multitasking since your smartphone will now freeze less in general. It is possible you’ll per chance well per chance presumably declare of memory fusion as a style in which your cell phone with 8 gigs of RAM will behave as if it has a memory ability associated to 11GB.

Furthermore, in-depth regulate and machine resident direction of optimization merit within the general direction of optimization. It contributes in direction of lowering concurrency conflicts and increases concurrency ability by 20%.

Sooner or later, preloading technology quickens the app startup time. It intelligently guesses which app you’ll race next and preloads the critical recordsdata. With this, Vivo says the app load time is diminished by up to 40%.

Vivo OriginOS Availability, Eligible Telephones

In a Weibo submit, the reputable yarn for OriginOS has detailed the update schedule for plenty of Vivo and iQOO telephones. The corporate plans to roll out the update in three particular phases:

A. The first batch of public beta plans (Initiate beta earlier than Jan 31, 2021)

B. The 2nd batch of public beta plans (Initiate beta earlier than Chinese language New Year 2021)

C. The third batch of public beta plans (Initiate beta in Q2 2021)

For the time being, you are going to be ready to gaze our review of the Vivo V20:

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